Schedule of Events

Final Scores :

Position Team Points
1st Red 257
2nd Blue 236
3rd Yellow 229

Participating Teams Click Team colors below for your team

  • Blue Team

    Jubilees Service's Cell, Mrs. Swane Gardeners Cell, Parade Gardens. Cockburn Gardens Kids, Jones Town, Mrs. Pat Gordon's Cell, Joseph Mitchell's Cell, Christina Banton and Kadeen Mendez.

  • Red Team

    Pastor Gardener Cell, Highlight View, Taylor Land, Ebony Sullivan (Kids Cell), Zachene Triumphant's Cell, Miss Marva, Judith Scale, Kelly Brown

  • Yellow Team

    Victors Brown's Cell, Landlease, Mrs Lasilva Thomas’s cell, Campus Cell, Bower Bank, Ashalee Brown's Cell, Eartha Cole’s Kids Cell, Latoya Young.

Groupings / Categories

Class Age
Note: Grouping violations will not be allowed
Kiddies 6 and Under
Kiddies 10 and Under
Class 3 11-13
Class 2 14-17
Class 1 18 and Over


  1. Each house must wear their colours on the day
  2. A maximum of 2 runners is allowed for each event
  3. Participants must be part of a cell or church activity with some record of attendance (OR) be identified by the cell leader as an evangelistic project.
  4. All rules are subject to change or modification as seen fit by the Senior Leaders

Points Allocation

Place Individual & Field Events Relays
1st 7 points 12 points
2nd 5 points 10 points
3rd 4 points 8 points
4th 3 points 6 points
5th 2 points 5 points
6th 1 point